#187 CRMArch LCP Book Deal Part 1

Readers of this blog may be aware of the ongoing, although recently ignored, series I have called the Shovelbums Guide. Search it on this page just to the right of here if you want to see some of the posts. Well, I’ve thought for a while that those posts would be a great resource for CRM Archaeologists, especially those new ones entering the field every year.

Well, after several months of preparation I can finally announce that Left Coast Press will be publishing my book next Spring! This series of blog posts will be all about the writing and publishing process and I’ll keep it updated when new events happen.

So, what is the book about? Well, it’s a conversational series of chapters designed to take the reader from college to unemployment, which, as we all know is the typical life-cycle of a CRM archaeologist. What this book is not about is archaeology. It’s about living as a CRM archaeologist and trying to stay happy and content while constantly moving and meeting new people. That’s not an easy task for some. For others it comes naturally.

While I feel I’m qualified write this book based on my experiences across the country as a traveling shovelbum I am fully aware that I don’t know everything. That’s why I want to include tips from other CRM archaeologists around the country. Since I’m trying to get this out on LCPs schedule I, somewhat foolishly, agreed to have a draft in by August 1st. That’s not too far out. Most of the writing is complete, though. I just need something from you, the readers.

I’d like to include quotes in the book related to personal experiences from shovelbums around the country. The book includes chapters on just about every aspect of life as a shovelbum and you can contribute as many or as few tips as you’d like.

Topics include:

  • Recipies for cooking in microwaves and in hotel rooms
  • Cooking gear you travel with
  • Essential gear for the field (survey, excavation, etc.)
  • CV tips
  • Interview tips
  • Travel tips
  • Tips for living in a hotel room (rearranging furniture, pictures, etc.)
  • And whatever else you can think of (there’s likely a chapter for it)

If you’re not a shovelbum but have advice on travel and living on the road feel free to submit that too!

I’d like to have this information by the end of this month! So, take 60 seconds and click through to this page if you’re not already here and fill out the quick form below. If you’d like to stay anonymous then don’t include your name. If you’d like credit in the book then please put down whatever name you’d like.

This is going to be a fun process and the blog posts for my next book are already in work!

Oh, the book is tentatively titled: CRM Archaeology, Living the Life of a Shovelbum. 

Note: if you want to submit more than one tip, refresh the page after submitting and the form should come back.

Name is optional!
Name is optional!
Include as many details as possible. For recipes feel free to email me if the recipe is too long or complicated.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field...and in the bookstore!