#64 CRM News Weekly Episode 1

As I mentioned a few posts ago I said I was going to try a podcast with current CRM related news.  Well, here it is.  The podcast was created on a MacBook Pro using Garage Band.  The music is all from Apple.  Once I figure this thing out I might get more creative and I might even post it to iTunes.  Until then, I'm sticking with this format.

Squarespace adds the link to the podcast at the bottom of the post.  You can listen within your browser or download it.

Here are the links to the articles in the show in the order that they appear.

1.  Rock Circles Linked to Ancient Indian Site

2.  BLM Busts Archaeological Vandals

3.  Archaeologists Find Ancient Native American Sites

4.  Mesa Verde a Model for Saving Cultural Resources

5.  Etiwan Indians Have a Long and Rich History on Daniel Island


CRM News Weekly, Episode 1