#83 Shovelbums Guide Part 12.1: Alabama to Georgia

States that have digital site records, and states that don't.

The introduction to this post is in #82.

For quick reference states that have online searchable records are in bold and are underlined.

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#87: South Dakota to Wyoming

  •  Alabama
    • No digital site records available online.
    • Alabama Historical Commission, 106 Program website
    • UPDATE (3.3.12):
      • I recieved an email from the Alabama Office of Archaeological Research and was informed that they have a digital database for archaeological site information but it's not accessible online.  You have to go to the University of Alabama.  Check out the link.
      • http://museums.ua.edu/oar/assf.htm
    • UPDATE (9.27.12)
      • A number of comments on LinkedIn have revealed that Alabama in fact does have online site forms.  Apparently the site link is not searchable, which is similar to other states, and the fact that it exists at all is not readily apparent.  I'm hoping to post more information on how to gain access to this resource when I receive it.
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
    • No digital site records available online.
    • Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
      • Archaeology & Section 106 FAQ Page
  • California
    • California Historical Resources Information System
      • Includes the Historical Resources Inventory
        • Includes data on
          • Resources evaluated in local government historical resource surveys partially funded through Certified Local Government grants or in surveys which local governments have submitted for inclusion in the statewide inventory
          • Resources evaluated and determinations of eligibility (DOEs) made in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
          • Resources evaluated for federal tax credit certifications
          • Resources considered for listing in the National and California Registers or as California State Landmarks or Points of Historical Interest
        • Maintained by the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) and eleven independent regional Information Centers (ICs)
    • Fee Structure
    • Start by contacting your regional Information Center
    • UPDATE (3.3.12):
      • As per some really good discussions on LinkedIn, I found out that SOME Information Centers have digital, online, site records, and some do not.  Check your local IC for information.
  • Colorado
    • Compass: http://oahp.historycolorado.org/compass/
    • Provided by the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP)
    • Open to
      • Cultural resource professionals
      • Researchers
    • Fees
      • 10 day free trial
      • Non-refundable annual fee of $250 per organization
      • Free for non-profits and higher ed.
  • Connecticut
    • According to the Connecticut Archaeology Center website, accessed on February 17, 2012, there are over 5,000 known archaeological sites in Connecticut.  The CAC is, “now in the process of transferring site data to the computerized Geographical Information System (GIS), where it will readily be able to correlate with existing GIS topographic and environmental information including soil types, slope, proximity to water sources, exposed bedrock and vegetation patters.”
    • It doesn’t say when this will be done.
  • Delaware
    • CHRIS: Cultural & Historical Resource Information System
    • CHRIS is a web based mapping application developed to efficiently manage the preservation efforts of historic properties and assist in preservation planning.  CHRIS includes Delaware’s National Register listed properties with the nomination form and pictures for each property.  Historic District boundaries, National Historic Landmarks, and cultural resource inventory for New Castle, Kent and parts of Sussex County are also available.  Aerial photography is available for various years beginning with 1937 up to 2007.
    • Fees
      • Looks like it’s free.  They will check your credentials, though.
  • Florida
  • Georgia