#219 Blogging Collective

Resistance is Futile.

Resistance is Futile.

The recent blogging carnival hosted over at Doug's Archaeology has caused a few neurons to fire in my brain generating synaptic impulses that, inevitably, formed ideas. I can't help it – it's biology.

Here's the idea. On my little website I have the ability to add any number of users and contributors. After seeing the high number of bloggers from the first month that said they stopped blogging, or at least slowed down for one reason or another, I thought a sort of blogging collective was in order. Maintaining a website is time consuming and can sometimes actually cost you money. I say close that page, and all it's hassles, and come blog about CRM-related topics with me.

If you're interested, send me your name. When I collect enough names I'll send you coordinates to an abandoned mine in central Nevada. After multiple grueling rounds of Settlers of Catan we'll know who gets to join the blogging collective! I'm just kidding – the losers will also be thrown down a mine shaft.

So, who's interested in a fun blogging collective? Blog when you want about whatever you want. There are virtually no restrictions on what you can talk about, as long as it's about CRM, doesn't slam a company (as much as we'd like to sometimes), a client, or a fellow tech. That's what Twitter is for.

Comment on this post, send me a message with the form to the right, tweet me @archeowebby, or email me at archeowebby@gmail.com. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the field!