#228 The Best of Archaeology Blogging 2013

This is just a short post to gauge interest in a project I want to do this month.

Right now I’m editing papers about Blogging Archaeology (#blogarch) for an eBook I’m creating with Doug Rocks-MacQueen over at Doug’s Archaeology. The eBook is in association with the Blogging Archaeology session that I’m chairing at this year’s Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting being held in Austin, Texas this year. In case you’re going, the session is on Saturday, April 26th at 10am.

A number of the articles I’m reading for the eBook mention the popularity of some posts and the unpopularity of others. This made me realize an idea for another great eBook: The Best of Archaeology Blogging.


I want to collect unedited blog posts from around the world related to archaeology blogging. These aren’t just any posts, however. These are the posts that were the most popular on your blog for 2013. Popularity can be determined any way you want. You can use unique page views, comments, number of times it was re-blogged, etc.

So, if you’re interested, comment below, send me a message with the form to the right, or, email me at chriswebster@digtech-llc.com.

The Best of Archaeology Blogging book for 2014 will be announce a bit earlier in the year next year than this one was. Promise.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field!