#60 Updates and Changes

Well entries for the last week or so.  What the hell?  I'll change that today.  There are a lot of good CRM related news items in the country this week and my posts for today will highlight some of my favorites.

I've been working on completing some online tests for the Civil Air Patrol.  There are a lot of tests and hoops you have to jump through before you can get in a plane and start training for search and rescue missions.  I hope to be flying within the next couple of months now.  It's pretty exciting!  I haven't flown in quite some time and to get the chance to fly for a purpose will be challenging and exciting.

In other news, I've been thinking about doing some sort of podcast for the last few years.  Just getting started is the difficult part.  There are several news podcasts out there (here and here) with a primary focus on academic archaeology but not always.  Important CRM-related sites are sometimes discussed.  I'd like to hear a podcast that primarily focused on CRM archaeology.  Ideally it would have news segments, a discussion section, and possibly some interviews from time to time.  Interviews would be of field techs, PIs, clients, and anyone else that I find interesting.  With the use of Skype there could be several people from across the country on the podcast as co-hosts.  Interviewies could also be just about anywhere.

For the short term I wonder whether anyone would be interested in a weekly podcast detailing the week's CRM-related news?  I have the equipment to accomplish that task right now.  This is something I might try this week.  Would anyone be interested in such a show?  I imagine that a pure news podcast would be approximately 15-20 minutes in length and be, as I said, weekly, at best.

I'd appreciate any comments or advice.