#241 The CRM Archaeology Podcast - Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public

The Blogging and Social Media session for the 2015 Society for American Archaeology meetings in San Francisco is live on the submission website! I've invited a number of people and a few others are considering it. You don't have to be invited to join in, though. Just make sure your submission is related to media, blogging, social media, video, podcasting, or any other media before you submit a paper.

When you go to the submission system, click on the link for an invited session and type in session 910.

I submitted my paper today. Here is the title and abstract:

The CRM Archaeology Podcast: Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public

Since the first podcasts were available on Apple’s iTunes in June of 2005, podcasting has become a powerful way for anyone to deliver information to the world from the comfort of their home. Podcasts can be informal conversations to expensive productions from major networks. Archaeology podcasting has seen shows come and go and has had a rocky past. The only podcast focused on issues related to CRM Archaeology has been recording since February of 2013 and has tackled everything from ethics on the job to issues specific to women in archaeology and in the workplace. We’ve found that podcasting is a great way to engage with thousands of professionals and the public alike. We don’t run conversations, we start them. Podcasting is a medium that is here to stay and the archaeological community should recognize it as a valuable and useful resource.

Get your submissions in today!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in San Francisco!