#233 Call for Posts: First Day

I tried to start a CRM blogging collective, but, there wasn't much interest from the people I contacted, and, I got busy with other things and didn't get to promote it much. Now I'm going to start putting out suggestions for themed posts. Maybe that will help some people dust off their memories and do some writing.

So, the topic I propose for now:

Your First Day

Describe your first day as a paid archaeologist. Do you feel you knew enough to be there? What do you wish you could go back and tell yourself on that day? How were you treated? How do you treat people on their first day?

Try to keep the length to about 1000 words.

Don't slander any people or companies and don't mention clients unless you have permission, which you probably don't.

Here is a link to a Google Drive folder:

It's open to the public, so, no site information. Click "Open in Drive" or "Sign in" in the upper right hand corner. Create a folder for yourself and put the document and any pictures in there. Don't put the pics in a Word document; they are difficult to get out. You can put in a placeholder, though. You can also just email me your file and pics: Also, let me know that you put a post in the drive, in case I miss it.

Thanks for participating! Let's get this great information out there so others can learn.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the field!