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#63 Bones Found in French Quarter

"Bones found in New Orleans' French Quarter" -- KLTV, East Texas

Bones were found in an excavation destined to become a pool at a condo complex in New Orleans' French Quarter. The bodies are thought to belong to some of the area's first settlers, according to archaeologists.

Everyone once in a while, construction crews will dig up humans bones in the French Quarter - like in a tucked-away courtyard.

What?  I want to work in New Orleans now!

The first graveyard in the city was located in the area, from Toulouse to Saint Peter.  The coffins that are typically found are rough, simple and made of Cyprus.

Basically, the closer you get to the river the more likely you're going to find old things and the older the things are likely to be," archaeologist Jill Yakubik said.

Fifteen coffins were removed from the site.  Yakubik said that this is the site of the colony's first cemetery, before the city was founded.

State law requires a permit for the removal of human remains.  Some of the are being stored and analyzed at Louisiana State University and others are being processed a Yakubik's lab.