new year

#76 What have we learned?

Well, it's the end of 2011 and I'd like to go over what I've learned.

I learned that some people in CRM are so afraid of change and evolution that they will get violently mad at those that propose change or have moderate to radical ideas.

I learned that some companies have too rigid confidentiality policies to the point where you can't even tweet the property you are working on.  Why are they so afraid of an employee saying they are working for their client?  They do know that this has been going on in local bars for decades right?  Blinders.

I learned that some people in CRM don't understand what a blog or a twitter account really is or means.  They don't understand the medium and are therefore afraid of it.

I learned that if there is a god he/she/it indiscriminately takes the life of whomever they please with no rhyme or reason to it.  A plan?  Really?  Prove it.

I learned that Reno citizens could apparently care less that there are atheists among them.  There was absolutely no reaction to atheist billboards that went up in two locations this fall.

I learned that atheists can be generous, caring, selfless, people without having a reason for it or a basis for it other than a desire to help a fellow human being.

I learned that there are many people out on the interwebs that are tirelessly blogging and tweeting the world around us.  I'd never really experienced blogging before the Society of American Archaeologists Meetings in Sacramento, CA last April.  My good friend Deanna pointed out a well known blogger and I was ashamed that I had never heard of him.  I went that night and started a Google reader account.  I now follow about 40 blogs regularly.  During that conference I started my blog and opened a Twitter account.  It was really a career and life changing experience.  I just can't stop having the desire to tell the public about the science and field that I love.  Sometimes I just don't understand why some people don't love it as much as I do.  Amazing.  What are they doing with their lives?

I learned that starting each sentance with the same two words is a fun way to grab a person's attention and get them to read to the end of the post.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Here is what you can learn in 2012:  Research the Mayan calendar craziness on your own.  Educate yourself.  Find out about the presidential candidates on your own.  Don't rely solely on major news outlets.  They have their own agendas.  Learn something new every week, if not every day.  I'm joining some atheist friends in a 365 day plan to read the bible cover-to-cover this year.  I've never done it before and I think it's essential for good atheists to know what they are up against.  Do good things, not because you are told to or because you think it will favor you among the gods, but because it is the right thing to do.  Do good things because our fellow humans need people to do good things for them.  Don't expect payment or some sort of good thing in return.  Just do it.

That's it for this year.  See you on the flip side.

Cogito Tute - Think for yourself