I received my B. A. in Anthropology from the University of North Dakota in 2005.  My field school was at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania with Earth Watch.  We excavated 1.81 to 2.01 ma deposits in the gorge but, sadly, did not find any hominid material.  We did find extinct hippo and some alligator teeth, though.

I began my career in CRM in October of 2005.  Prior to graduate school I worked in Florida, other parts of the southeastern U.S., the northeast, the upper mid-west, the plains of Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Washington.

In August of 2009 I started a one-year Master of Science program at the University of Georgia.  I produced a site report for an undocumented prehistoric site that was excavated in 1977.  The artifacts, including pottery and lithics, needed reanalysis.  I produced a full site report that is currently on file at the Georgia Site Files.

Since graduation in July of 2010 I've been working in the Great Basin from Sparks, Nevada.  I love the Great Basin and hope to stay put for a while!

In January of 2013, after being laid off from my previous job, I finally decided to start my own CRM firm -- Digital Technologies in Archaeological Consulting LLC (DIGTECH). I've always believe that the process of doing CRM Archaeology could be streamlined to be more efficient. So, with my wife as the President and me as the Principal Investigator we started DIGTECH. Through the use of tablet computers, cloud computing, and internet teleconferencing I've been able to accomplish tasks similar to other firms but with a smaller ecological footprint, no formal offices, and a happier, more content, lifestyle. Through the use of advanced technology that is being developed in conjunction with Diachronic Designs, DIGTECH is able to achieve it's goals while keeping employees happy and satisfied. Job satisfaction is incredibly important.

Leave me a comment or use the contact form if you are tech-savvy, forward thinking, and constantly think to yourself: 

I'm an Archaeologist! Is there an app for that?