At DIGTECH we believe in the Learn - Do - Teach philosophy. That's a recipe for success in any industry. But, what do we mean by this?

Learn. To execute a task with the highest amount of efficiency, integrity, and completeness you need to understand what you're doing. In contract field archaeology, for example, a person typically needs a bachelor's degree and should have attended a field school. Is that the end of your training, though? The answer is a resounding NO.

Many people in fields related to a passion, such as history or archaeology, are constantly reading books, papers, and blogs related to that field. That's not formal training, however, and employers don't often give credit for that sort of learning.

That's why we've created TEAM BLACK. We took the name from a code name we were using during app development to describe the ultimate archaeology team. They would be like a black ops military force - highly trained, prepared for anything, and can deploy anywhere.

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Developed as a concept and turned into a training program, TEAM BLACK is designed to take ANY environmental professional from good to great. 

We're starting with archaeology, but, the training program will eventually be applicable to many other fields.

Here is what we are doing:

  • Create a 60-75 video per level system for training and certification
    • Four levels for field archaeology
  • Create Field Guides for use on mobile applications or as weather-resistant hard copies.
  • Establish technical field schools across the country to focus on intense training in specific areas and regions.
  • Form archaeology strike teams that can work anywhere and in any environment

Here is a brief timeline related to TEAM BLACK development:


  • Create Level 1 (of 4) for Archaeology Field Work
  • Begin subscription process ($20 per month for unlimited access to training materials)


  • Create Level 2 and 3 for archaeology field work.
  • Approach CRM firms for corporate subscriptions to relieve financial stress on employees.


  • Create Level 4 for archaeology field work
  • Begin process of introducing other fields
  • Create technical field schools


  • Begin forming archaeology strike teams through DIGTECH. Consult as fieldwork specialists across the country.


Use it right and save time.