#82 Shovelbums Guide Part 12: States with ONLINE digital site records, Introduction

This next series of blog posts answers the question, “What states have online access to site forms and reports?”  The short answer is 17 19 20 (UPDATED 3.6.12).  A number of states have digital records but you have to physically go to the records office to view them.  What surprises me a little is that you still have to pay a substantial amount of money in some states for the privilege of going all the way to the records office, by appointment, and doing your own research.  I would be much more inclined to pay for the service if I can do the research from the comfort of my own office, or Starbuck’s.

The states that have an ONLINE SITE FILES ACCESS PORTAL and not just digital records at the office are in bold.  I tried to say something about the state’s that don’t have an online system but some of the websites are seriously lacking in any sort of useful information.

In an effort to make these posts more manageable (my Pages document is 13 pages and 2700 words) I’ve split the list of states and information into the next five blog posts.  The states are listed alphabetically and at ten to a page. Click on one of the states below to go directly to the post that it is listed on.

If you have ANY more information or an update to what I have, because I’m not perfect and could have missed something, please let me know so I can update this list.  I hope this helps someone.  Enjoy.


Alabama     Alaska     Arizona     Arkansas     California     Colorado     Connecticut     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Hawai'i     Idaho     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Kansas     Kentucky     Louisiana     Maine     Maryland     Massachusetts     Michigan     Minnesota     Mississippi     Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New Hampshire     New Jersey    New Mexico     New York     North Carolina     North Dakota     Ohio     Oklahoma     Oregon     Pennsylvania     Rhode Island     South Carolina     South Dakota     Tennessee     Texas     Utah     Vermont     Virginia     Washington     West Virginia     Wisconsin     Wyoming



I've received a few comments on other sites about online site records in other countries.  Check out the Heritage Gateway website in England for access to site information in some areas.  Also, check out the Grey Literature Library through the Archaeological Data Service.  New Zealand Archaeological Association has online records and maps available at www.archsite.org.  You need a subscription to access.