Chris Webster

Chris Webster received a B. A. in Anthropology from the University of North Dakota in 2005.  He began his career in CRM in October of 2005.  Prior to graduate school he worked in Florida, other parts of the southeastern U.S., the northeast, the upper mid-west, the plains of Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Washington.

In August of 2009 Mr. Webster  started a one-year Master of Science program at the University of Georgia.  He produced a site report for an undocumented prehistoric site that was excavated in 1977.  The artifacts, including pottery and lithics, needed reanalysis.  A full site report was produced and is currently on file at the Georgia Site Files.

Since graduation in July of 2010 Mr. Webster has been working in the Great Basin from Sparks, Nevada.


Chris Webster forms DIGTECH

In January of 2013, after being laid off from his previous job, Chris decided to start his own CRM firm -- Digital Technologies in Archaeological Consulting LLC (DIGTECH). He's always believed that the process of doing CRM Archaeology could be streamlined to be more efficient. So, he started DIGTECH. Through the use of tablet computers, cloud computing, and internet teleconferencing Chris has been able to accomplish tasks similar to other firms but with a smaller ecological footprint, no formal offices, and a happier, more content, lifestyle.

DIGTECH is a company that strives to do good and create things that make the world a better place. We have a philosophy for fieldwork that is a trifecta of awesome:

Learn. Do. Teach.

Through TEAM BLACK, our archaeology program, and the Archaeology Podcast Network we achieve this goal and help others to as well. But, we don't stop there.

We also create new products for the field, teach people whatever we know, and help others to succeed.

Join us.