#174 Shovelbums Guide Part 18: Answering the Call

I created a few audio files for another resource that I'm helping to create on another website. I'll announce that when it goes live. For now, I need a place to store these files so I figured I'd give them to my listeners.

I had a little fun with my Zoom microphone and GarageBand and mocked up a couple of phone calls.

The Unprofessional Phone Call

This first one is a sample call with the potential employer calling a potential field technician employee. Clink the link to download the file.

The Professional Phone Call

This second call is from the point of view of the field technician. It's one of the many possible examples of how to handle a call from a potential employer. Click on this link to download the file.

That's it. More to come.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the field!