Digital Technologies in Archaeological Consulting LLC (DIGTECH) was formed in 2013 to do one thing: create a place where efficiency, creativity, and passion can come together to make the world a better place. 

We started as an archaeology consulting firm with designs on a much bigger company and focus. It started with the Random Acts of Science Blog (RAOS).  RAOS was Chris Webster's way of discussing issues related to the field of archaeology and a way to educate about the field. Some of the posts of the RAOS blog were turned into the book, Field Archaeologist's Survival Guide: Getting a Job and Working in Cultural Resource Management (Routledge 2014). 

Shortly after starting the company Chris Webster turned his 1-year-old podcast on archaeology news into the CRM Archaeology Podcast. This is a biweekly show that explores issues related to contract and professional archaeology. It's designed to help the field and practitioners of archaeology. It's also designed to help new college graduates navigate the confusing world of contract archaeology.

In 2014 the CRM Archaeology Podcast was rolled into the newly formed Archaeology Podcast Network (APN). Founded with Tristan Boyle, the APN is an educational resource with over 100,000 month subscribers (as of January 2018). The APN has at least 18 shows, over 20 volunteer expert hosts, and an amazing back catalogue of content.

Building on the Learn - Do - Teach philosophy Chris Webster started Professional Certifications for Scientists (PCS). PCS was designed to educate archaeologists post-college in the life skills it takes to work professionally on the road and in different regions. For various reasons, PCS was dissolved in 2017 and reformed as Team Black. The Team Black concept is that of an archaeology strike team that can go anywhere, do anything, and is always prepared. Team Black is a training and certification program for archaeology and is unlike anything out there for this field.

Using his success from creating and running the Archaeology Podcast Network, Chris Webster, also graduate of the Podcast Engineering School, started Chris Webster Productions in 2018. This is also a subsidiary of DIGTECH and teaches anyone, for any subject, how to create, grow, and monetize a podcast. Podcasts can be used to create a brand, promote a brand, or educate about a topic. CWP helps people create their own podcast and gives them the tools to keep it going. They will also produce and edit your show.

Finally, DIGTECH is a maker company. Through rapid prototyping using 3D printers DIGTECH is able to create products for the field that previously were only dreamt of. We have no limits at DIGTECH - only dreams that become reality.