#163 ArchaeoTech: A Present For Your Boss

Presenting the Fujitsu GPS Cane!

Boss coming out to visit your site? Is it a bit of a walk from the vehicle over rough terrain? Get him/her the new Fujitsu GPS Cane!

All kidding aside this prototype could have some real potential way down the road. When I say way down the road, I mean way down the road. I don’t want angry comments from old timers saying how this will never work. I think outside the box and I’m thinking this “cane” has some potential. Bear with me.

163 Fujitsu-GPS-cane.jpg

Imagine that the GPS sensor in the cane knows how long the cane is and where the tip of the cane is in relation to the sensor. Now imagine that there was a small pressure tip or something at the end of the cane. You might be able to go around a site and simply tap artifacts or site boundary points with the cane and have the information transmit to a tablet or base station.

Of course, I’m just hypothesizing and trying to jam this prototype into archaeological reality. You can't even buy this cane and it may never be available. It's fun to speculate, though. I’m an early adopter and proud of it. I like trying new things and making them work in new ways. Maybe we can start a fund where people give me money to try fun new tech! Right. 

What uses can you see for this crazy tech? Do you think you'd use it to pick your way out to a site when you're a grizzled old salt? You go ahead-I'll be flying in on my jet pack.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field!