#196 #SAA2014 Paper Abstract

Following my previous post, here is the title and abstract for my paper:

Fired Twice for Blogging: Why CRM Firms are Afraid of Social Media

Within two months of starting my blog I was fired for writing a post about a project I was working on. After getting hired by another company, I was fired again five months later for a blog post and a tweet that mentioned a client’s name. Why are CRM firms afraid of social media? Why aren’t you allowed to blog about a project? I feel that CRM Firms need to manage social media like other industries do and publish guidelines on using social media as it pertains to projects. Blogging is a great way to promote archaeology and to help the public understand what we do and why we do it. By shutting them out we isolate ourselves and our profession and we encourage looting and artifact sales because of the exclusivity of our field. Instead of shunning it, CRM firms should embrace social media so everyone can learn.

Well, that’s mostly it. I wrote it in the SAA submission website and forgot to copy and paste it to my computer. Actually, I almost forgot about it since I was busy helping out at the Reno Air Races. Social media reminded me. I received a tweet from @brockter asking if it was too late. I checked the time and we had 30 minutes! So, I tethered my wifi from my iPhone to my iPad and wrote up my abstract. I’d already thought about it a lot so it wasn’t too difficult. But, if @brockter had not sent that tweet, and more importantly, had I not seen it in time, I would have not been presenting in my own session.

Thank you social media!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field!