#137 Guest Post on the Munsell Color Blog

Check out my post on the Munsell Color Blog last week. I didn't want to post it here right away in order to give it traction on their blog. Check out the other entries too. Munsell Color Books are used for a wider variety of applications than most archaeologists are aware of. And, they use more than just the 10YR page!

Here is the start of the post:

I first heard of the Munsell Book of Colors when I was at field school in Tanzania.  The trip was organized by Earthwatch and we were digging two trenches in the famous Olduvai Gorge.  Olduvai is famous for fossil hominid remains that have been found there, most notably, by the Leakey family.We had finished our first trench and were setting up to draw the massive two meter tall profile of the back wall.  The trench was shaped like a right triangle with the base at the basalt layer that is the floor of the Gorge and the hypotenuse in line with the angle of repose of the slope we were digging into.  We were going to draw the one meter wide, two meter tall, back wall of the trench and the triangle-shaped side wall.

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Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the field.