#207 Podcast Donations!

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For the 24th episode of the CRM Archaeology Podcast, which will be available on Monday, December 30, 2013, I’ll be cutting together some segments and interviews from the past 23 episodes. It’s a common podcast ploy to relieve the panelists from recording during the holidays. Hey, we didn’t start it!

I wanted to let everyone know what goes into making the podcast. First, I bought a new microphone so you can hear my scratchy, non-radio, voice more clearly. Every “um”, “uh” and “so” are heard with unwavering clarity. You’re welcome.

Second, I had to upgrade my Squarespace-based website to allow for additional pages and podcast streaming. That’s the big cost here. It’s not cheap to get something that is reliable and is always up. Unlike some other web hosting providers.

Finally, all the panelists take valuable time out of their busy schedules to bring you quality advice and commentary every two weeks. I’m not even talking about the four to six hours I spend editing every show.

So, if you like what you hear and want to support us a little so we can keep bringing you great shows, hit the donate button! If we get more than it takes to run the show we’ll funnel that money into other enhancements for the podcast. Maybe a video podcast too.

As an incentive, everyone that donates ANYTHING will get a special compilation episode of the Tom King CRM Regulatory segments. There will be the three covering the history of the major regulations in CRM and a fourth, un-aired segment that continues the theme.

Also, everyone that donates will be put into a virtual hat and a random number generator will unceremoniously pick one unlucky soul that will receive one of the very few advance copies I get of my forthcoming book, “Field Archaeologist’s Survival Guide” (Left Coast Press 2014). The book will be out around April and you’ll get your copy as soon as I get them.

To recap, everyone that donates will get the special Tom King episode of the podcast. One poor, unfortunate, soul will get a copy of my book. It’ll be signed in 10YR3/4 glory with the dirty end of my trowel.

Thanks for donating and I’ll see you in the field!