#240 Happy Archaeology Fun Time

I've been meaning to highlight a friend of mine's YouTube page because he's got some really good stuff on there. As of right now he's got 11 videos up. Below, I've linked the videos I'm featured in because I need one more thing that can boost my ego. I recently found that my ego isn't quite big enough. Well, now you have some video to look at. 

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The Happy Archaeology Fun Time Channel is here.

COOL STUFF - Podcasting and The Average Archaeologist

Realities Of The Job - The P90X, Crossfit...Etc. Of Archaeology

Realities of The Job - Another Day Older And Deeper In Debt

The Man In The Hat just put up a new video about working in Northern California. Since he did that job with me, and, since I recorded it with him originally but the camera died at the beginning, I'll include it here.

Things You Should Know About - Northern California

Thanks for watching the videos and I'll see you in the field!