#116 10 Days of Archaeology: Day 8+1

[I got so relaxed during my six days off I forgot to post this!  Here it is...]

That day after the session is different for everyone.  The traveling field tech might stay in town or go camping nearby to save money.  Crew chiefs are likely headed back to the home office to take care of paper work and clean up the session.  Others, like myself, are back at home and are settling in for six days off.

Ideally, I should clean up my gear, wash my clothes, and prepare my things for next session.  If we were camping I’d have even more things to do such as set up and clean my tent and clean the rest of my camping gear.  That’s not always what happens, though.

I did put away my gear and wash my clothes.  However, my other plans sort of fell through.  I’d planned to do some yard work and, well, write this post.  After a morning at a coffee shop I went home and watched some of my video podcasts.  Just some techy stuff to keep me on my game.  Later, I unpacked my box from the field and did some laundry.  After dinner with my wife and a nice evening with some wine we went to bed.

So that’s it.  This is the last entry in the series.  Was I accurate?  Is this your experience?  I’m sure it’s not.  Everyone has different and unique experiences before, during, and after the session.  Tell me how you wind down from a session in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field.