#117 Add Magnets to Your Metal Clipboard

Hot glue the magnets to the inside of the clipboard.My clipboard is the type that opens up and lays flat on your lap.  The clipboard inside is difficult for me to use when I need to do an artifact inventory that is in landscape.  So, I’ve been putting the form on the outside of my clipboard and securing the top with the large binder clip I use to keep my clipboard closed.  The bottom of the page still flaps helplessly in the wind and risks ripping at the binder clip or flying off altogether.

My solution: magnets.

I bought a set of magnets at Staples for about $2.50 US.  Since the clipboard is aluminum, and I have yet to invent an aluminum magnet, I had to glue two magnets to the inside of the clipboard.  These are fairly low profile magnets so I’m not worried about space inside the clipboard.  I used a hot glue gun to secure the magnets.

An inventory form attached to the OUTSIDE of the clipboard!Now, all I have to do to secure a form to my clipboard is put down two more magnets over the locations for the interior magnets and my form is secure.  When I’m not using the magnets I attach them to the clip inside of the clipboard.

Magnet storage on the internal, iron-based, clip.

I used this system today and it worked fairly well.  In a strong wind the magnets failed to hold the paper down, however, I think I can get some more powerful magnets for the outside.  I tried this out with some cheap small ones just to see if it would work.  I think this is a great solution for using a landscape form with the profile style clipboard.  What do you think?

Oh, and I bought 0.5 mm pencil lead that is blended with nano diamonds.  That’s right: nano diamonds.  Through away that chunky 0.7 mm and use the strength of nano diamonds.  They also have 0.3 mm.  How small can I write?  I think I’m about to find out.

Thanks for reading, stay smart, and I'll see you in the field.