#215 DIGTECH Turns One

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The day passed virtually unnoticed for me, but, yesterday, my company officially turned one. I’m basing that on when I got my Nevada State Business license. There are other ways to measure it, but this seemed appropriate. So, what did I do over the last year?

Well, I

  • Filed my state business license
  • Filed my county business license
  • Filed my city business license (for Sparks and Reno)
  • Obtained an antiquities permit from the Nevada State Museum
  • Obtained a Cultural Resource Use Permit from the NV BLM
  • Researched and cold called 20 companies
  • Bought a domain name
  • Started a website
  • Got a PO box
  • Joined ACRA
  • Joined the Geological Society of Nevada
  • Joined the Nevada Mining Association
  • Called 20 more companies
  • Stole my first job from my last company
  • Started a business bank account
  • Set up Quickbooks for accounting
  • Bought Dropbox space for total cloud storage
  • Called 20 more companies
  • Started the CRM Archaeology Podcast
  • Connected with others on Linked In and got two more jobs
  • Got a small job from a big company
  • Wrote the report for my second project from a campsite at Yellowstone
  • Set my company up in Dun and Bradstreet for my DUNS number
  • Set DIGTECH up in SAMs
  • Connected with BLM contracting officers
  • Connected with a few companies for teaming
  • Helped develop an archaeology recording application (still in progress!)
  • Did about $10,000 in business
  • Spent about $17,000 (you do the math)
  • Bought a chair from Ikea (hello Markus)
  • Set up professional liability insurance 
  • Set up worker’s comp insurance
  • Set up general business insurance
  • Called 20 more companies
  • Optimized Linked In and Website for best search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Received a random call from a company looking for cell tower work because my SEO was effective!
  • Wrote a book
  • Published a book (out this April from Left Coast Press)

And most importantly,

  • Never lost focus
  • Remained optimistic
  • And I’m looking forward to Year Two.


Thanks for reading and I’ll hopefully be hiring you soon!