#235 Munsell Color Fun

A couple years ago I did a guest post on the Munsell Color Blog. Yeah, that Munsell. Anyway, since then I’ve been following the blog and their fun Twitter account. The other day I saw something that was just geeky enough to be sort of fun. Check it out.

3D Interactive Munsell Color Space

Created by Oriane Lima, an MD, a PhD, and a painter, has created some really fun Munsell graphics. Below, is a 3D interactive visualization of the Munsell color solid. Click around. It does fun things.

Munsell Color Studies and Art

On this page are a number of interactive visualizations. I clicked on the 10YR V/C page, of course. You start with an empty 10YR page with the color chips off to the left. Drag on the chips to place them in the right squares. If you hold a click on one chip for 5-10 seconds you get the grid location to help you out.

On most of these pages you can interact in different ways, although, that's not always apparent. Click around and see what you can do.

I haven’t had time yet to play with all of this. Let me know what you played around with in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the field!